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Where it all began!

Shadley Montessori, now Buzz World Pre School founded in the year by 1969 by Madam S. Sachdeva who took the challenge of preparing little children for the 21" century learning.

She was always committed to render selfless service to children by providing rich opportunities for an effective and innovative teaching - learning to happen.

She also aimed to bring about transformation of society and nation building by blending value based education with the curriculum right at the tender age of 3.

Founder Chairperson 

Late Madame S. Sachdeva 

Madame S.Sachdeva.
Ms. S.Kochhar - Principal

"I am happy to see our institution transformed to face the challenges of the new world keeping the tradition and customs of Indianism still strong in roots.

Shadley's Buzz World is running in last leap of the fifth decade.

As the governance of Buzz World I see that the torch lit by Madam S. Sachdeva keeps burning bright and high. I therefore ensure that learning is established on a solid foundation and properly chartered by the teacher in the classroom. Besides motivating the student, we also motivate parents to play an active role in the upbringing of children.


I reiterate that earlier we were known for our education qualities but now the school has excelled in co-curricular field as well.


I am sure with every passing year the school is marching ahead towards its goal to prepare the children to perform beyond expectations in life.


I wish the students a bright and golden


Ms. S. Kochhar



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